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Due to the innovative PUResist bonding technology all our edges are of the highest quality. All edges are water-repellent and resistant.

Our Contribution

We consistently use the premium PUResist bonding technology for all edges. A polyurethane reaction adhesive free from formaldehyde and solvents is used for this.

Your Benefit

Our PUResist bonding technology is the perfect complement to PURemission.

Here's how you can enjoy lots of benefits:

  • Ideal protection against moisture penetration, e.g. in the cooking and sink area

  • Stronger adhesion between the wooden material and the edge

  • Outstanding look with invisible joints

  • Best quality properties for all edges

PUResist + PURemission: All-round protection for our furniture and for you.

Why PUResist?

Why PURemission?

Health is a mega-trend. Almost every area of life relates to healthy living in some way. Advances in medicine, good nutrition and a healthy environment: all of these factors make a major contribution to a healthy way of life. But progress has downsides too. The influences to which people are exposed nowadays are not the same as they once were. Lifestyle, stress, materials and construction methods can lead to such modern diseases of civilisation as allergies, food, chemical intolerance and unhealthy stress levels.

Today, we consumers are more sensitive than ever before to topics such as formaldehyde.

What is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is an unbound, volatile organic compound used in the manufacture of wood-based materials. It can be found in the usual bonding agents, e.g. glues and resins made with urea, melamine or phenol. But is also occurs in nature, e.g. in mammalian cells, fruits and wood. Formaldehyde is a by-product of virtually all incomplete combustion.

How Much Formaldehyde is Ambient Air Permitted to Contain?

Wood also naturally contains Formaldehyde and releases into the surrounding air in small amounts. Levels of airborne formaldehyde above a certain concentration are carcinogenic to humans. The permissible limit level of formaldehyde in ambient air is specified by European emission class E1. 

E1 < 0.1 ppm (parts per million) = 0.1 parts of formaldehyde to 1 million parts of air.

Our Contribution

Through careful selection of timber materials and suppliers, we succeeded in complying with the, at the of 2018 expected strong emission guidelines of the United States of America, according to CARB2 (93120) and TSCA title 6. The maximum values of the European guidelines for emission class E1 are adhered to or rather significantly undercut.

Your Benifit

  • Reduces formaldehyde for all wooden products

  • Significant lower deviation of the limits

  • Even better ambient air

  • Improved quality of life

With PURemission, we have created the best conditions for clean, ambient air and set new exceptional standards in this field. For quality at the highest stage.

*PUResist and PURemission are only available with Häcker products.

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